Charge your iPhone with your jeans

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It’s now possible to charge your iPhone by wearing the #Hello jeans of Joe’s Jeans.


What is it?
With the jeans of Joe’s Jeans it is now possible to charge your iPhone as you are wearing them . The jeans have an opening back pocket where a portable battery pack is kept. The power cord goes through the seams of the jeans which makes it possible to connect it to your iPhone. The jeans even have an extra pocket for the iPhone itself. With the used technology, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and 6 can be charged. The jeans are only designed in women’s style with four different denim washes. 

Where spotted?

How does it work?
First, slide the charged slim battery into the battery pocket and connect it to the power card. Slide the iPhone in the ‘secret’ side pocket and connect it to the iPhone compatible plug. Finally, press the power button on the slim battery to charge. 

What is its core value?
Charge your phone on to go!

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