The Chanel Fashion Application

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A description and critical review is given about the Chanel fashion app , written by two students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute: Suzan Cloosterman and Racquel Sealey .




On March the 17th of 2011 (App store online, 2014 ) the famous luxury brand Chanel launched their new and improved mobile application as it is today, making it possible to view the latest fashion collection from the runway. The user can take a look at single items, full looks and impeccable details. Additionally, it is possible to view the fashion show video, pictures and the Chanel News. In a quick view you have access to the total world of Chanel.

This paper will give the reader a better insight of the Chanel Fashion app. It contains information about the founders, functions and reactions of users. Besides this, we also discuss the design and our own opinion and recommendation.

The current head of social media at Chanel is Filippo Randon (LinkedIn, 2014), but there is probably an entire team behind the app, which includes developers, designers, editors and marketing specialists. They see to it that this luxury brand/high fashion app maintains the classy high quality design that Chanel is famous for. There is no ‘buy’ button, advertisement or references to any other stores or brands, making the app solely about creating a dream of becoming a ‘mademoiselle de Chanel’.

The content of the app exists of ‘Chanel news’, ‘the show video’, ‘looks from the show’ and a store locator. This means that it mainly serves as an archive containing all the looks from the latest runway fashion show. Each fashion week the content is updated. Personally, we do not think it will have that much of an impact on the scene, but that it’s more of a handy app when wanting to show a certain look to a sales assistant or a friend, but also for inspiration. This is because there is no direct link to the store or webshop, neither does it show any price content. The app creates a look book-vibe, because you can only view and swipe through the pictures without getting any extra information.

The visual style is a sophisticated simple black and white design that Chanel is known for, think for example of their black and white logo. The first look of the app is the logo of Chanel and when entered further in the app, it shows a picture of the fashion show with four navigation options underneath. It also has interesting features: when the screen of the device is flipped sideways it shows details of a certain look, and behind the scenes material can be scrolled through with a flowing pace. The pictures and videos are of very high quality, with clear and bright pictures.The state of the app is of high-caliber. The Chanel News is updated every other day. Chanel News contains entertaining and relevant news about different subjects such as celebrities wearing Chanel or Exhibition of famous designers, but also covers other influential fashion icons. This makes the app an exclusive source of the latest fashion news..

The consumer has to have an iPhone or iPad to install the app and must be interested in fashion to find the app in the App store. Here it is located under the term ‘lifestyle’. This could lead to believe that the user of this app is -besides interested in fashion- also interested in food and maybe certain fashion-games. Chanel is easily associated with other luxury brands such as Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton, making it possible that the average consumer will have knowledge of these brands as well. The consumer response to the app is very positive. The app had 71 ratings which resolved into 3,5 stars out of 4 total (App store online, 2014).

To round it all up the Chanel app is very useful when seeking inspiration or if you want to be updated to the latest Chanel looks. It is not an interactive app in which you can ask questions or exchange ideas with other users. So if you’re looking for a more interactive app, this is not the one. However, if you just want to escape into the world of exquisite fashion, definitely pick the Chanel Fashion app!