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Find that one exclusive item through Buyosphere.

What is it?
Looking for that one item you cannot seem to find? Buyosphere will help you find it! This platform is a fashion advice community, where one can browse style guides that are created by members of the community or simply ask advice on where to find something that is exactly right for you. Born out of personal frustration with finding unique products online, Buyosphere focuses upon finding that exclusive item that one cannot seem to find using traditional methods.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
Shoppers can sign up for the Fashion Advice Community that enables one to 1) ask questions to get help in finding that perfect item, 2) check style guides of other members and 3) save those items you love to your personal profile, thereby also having the ability to share these items with your personal network.

Becoming an editor – an active member who is, for instance, able to create style guides that can function as an inspiration to others – is also one of the options Buyosphere offers. In this role, one can (as already been mentioned) create style guides, be featured on the homepage and in newsletters and get a special profile where one can build a personal fashion magazine and style portfolio.

What is its core value?
As they say for themselves: “Our goal is to create the best and most unique content through user curation – unearthing unique designers and products you won’t find through a traditional search.”

Watch the online video to hear what CEO Tara Hunt thinks Buyosphere offers to consumers:

Update: After existing for two years, Buyosphere pulled the plug out in 2014. As they said: “It was a million things that led to this not turning out the way we wanted it to.” The failure of Buyosphere proves that not all new interactive communities are a guarantee for success.


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