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PowaTag is a new payment enabling technology that claims to seamlessly integrate the physical and online experience, thereby transforming the future of shopping.


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What is it?
Recently, Powa Technologies introduced its new hybrid payment method: an app that enables consumers to purchase items directly via their smartphone while scanning items that they are interested in. With this app, consumers can purchase items from sources such as visual media, articles, announcements on events or radio- and television commercials.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail concepts

How does it work?
PowaTag combines mobile commerce with bluetooth geolocation technology, which makes it possible to buy items impulsively. By scanning the item, which must be available in PowaTag’s database of course, the product is recognised and can then be purchased by the user. Giving personal information, such as your name and billing information (just like one would do at a regular webshop), enables the customer to buy the item. Additionally, (physical) retailers can send special offers to consumers that are near to a site equipped with PowaTag bluetooth beacons. And as you can already guess, PowaTag also tracks what consumers actually do and purchase with the app.

What is its core value?
Integrate the physical and online experience with each other.

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Watch the video for a better understanding of the concept:

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