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Digital meets the physical world: a good example of how the two worlds create an unique shopping experience.

Burberry Regent Store (wired.co.uk)

What is it?
There was a time when sales assistants at Burberry would have carried tape measures. These days, those working at the luxury retailer’s 545 stores, concessions, outlets and franchises across the world are rarely seen without iPads.” In their article, WIRED elaborates on new shopping experiences, such as offered in Burberry flagship store at Regent Street. Here, all sorts of new digital solutions are offered to the customer to enhance the experience. A ‘magic’ mirror tells shoppers more about the item they are currently carrying with them, mannequins wear the same outfits as shown on the website, there is a giant screen that can be used to show the latest shows and they even put a secret stage. The whole concept is to integrate off- and online to stimulate an immersive experience. 

Where spotted?

How does it work?
When entering the digital store, shoppers can for instance get extra information on garments if they carry it while standing in front of a ‘magic’ mirror. The mirror, able to recognise RFID tags, notices that the garment is nearby and shows extra information that should further interest the customer. As one can also see in the video, a great immersive experience is created by the big screens that are everywhere – they have the ability to create a different world and totally forget that you’re actually in a retail store. Moreover, it’s a total experience that should create a trustworthy relationship with Burberry.

What is its core value?
In their video, Burberry explains that they want to tell authentic stories. And to tell authentic stories, they also believe that the language spoken is very important, and, as Angela Ahrendts puts it, “their [consumers] language was rapidly becoming digital”. Hence, Burberry decided it should create that authentic experience by using both physical and digital languages and use the best of both to make it an immersive experience.

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