Bringing the store to your home

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Want the total in-store experience without having the trouble of traveling to the store and having to deal with crowds?

What is it?
In 2012 keytree developed an interactive system that enables users to shop virtually in their living room. By developing what is know as an ‘immersive’ 3D environment, users can walk virtually through the supermarket and order their items. In this way, shoppers do have the experience of being in a store, but don’t have to actually go there and queue up to get their products.

Where spotted?
YouTube innovative retail concepts

How does it work?
Keytree works with the Kinect technology, thereby making it possible to navigate through the environment without using a mouse or PC. Rather, your body becomes the console. The store data is provided by Tesco, Amazon and eBay and by tracking the personal behaviour of both the individual and the total amount of shoppers, and personalisation is offered by both the individual preferences and suggestions from what others bought.

What is its core value?
Bringing the best of online and in store shopping together.

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