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Want the benefits of online shopping, but not the hassle of getting it delivered to your house when you’re never there? Collect your purchase in-store!

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What is it?
The effort and the costs that both companies and customers undertake to get a package delivered at one’s house, often leads to a real challenge. Therefore, a logistic innovation that is becoming increasingly popular is ordering online and collecting the items in the store. On the one hand it offers consumers to pick up their items whenever it suits them best. On the other hand it saves the retailer a lot of time trying to get the package delivered to the right address.

Where spotted?
Bijenkorf: free delivery in stores

How does it work?
1. Well, first you order your items online. It seems that there is no minimum amount that has to be spend.
2. If customers collect before 9 pm, they can pick up their items the day after at the servicedesk of the Bijenkorf. Customers receive an e-mail stating that their order is ready for pick-up. Of course, some ID is required, such as a driver’s license.
3. Items will be reserved for 14 days. If not picked up, they will be sent back to the warehouse.

What is its core value?
Offering a better service to Bijenkorf’s customers. The benefit for consumers is that they don’t have to be at home during specific hours, just waiting for their order to arrive. They could also try the garments in the store and return the items if not wanted. Retailers don’t have to stop at the house multiple times per week to see if the customer is at home. Additionally, they have an extra point of contact with the consumer.

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