Big II Touch

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This is not just a cash register.

Big II Touch (source:

What is it?

BIG II TOUCH. This is a cash register with options that go way further than just letting customers pay. With a LED technology monitor, it enables the employee to perform payments, but also to preview the receipt, create sales statistics graphics, send e-mail, print receipts, use the SQL database, and even play games.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovation in retail environments

How does it work?
It should work rather easily. After letting the self-installing software package doing its work, retailers can easily change their settings and connect to the internet using RITTY, Custom’s  CLOUD portal.

What is its core value?
With BIG II TOUCH, retailers can immediately check their sales statistics while performing payments at the same time. Additionally, it allows one to do much more on the device, like communicating with other staff members.

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What we think?
There are also web-based applications that provide (almost) the same options. Not sure what the benefit is exactly, as cashiers can also walk around with iPads.

Watch the online demonstration here:



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