Beacons: the next big thing?

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Beacons can be used for many different purposes. Are they the next big thing in fashion retail?


Source: Next Big Thing, CNET

Source: Next Big Thing, CNET

What is it?
Beacons are small devices that can send out very short data streams to everyone with a smartphone that has bluetooth on it. They can be used for different reasons. For example: they can send out messages about receiving a discount when customers are nearby the store, they can provide product information when customers are in the store and they can even handle customers’ their payments when they leave the store. Beacons can also be used to gather information about customers. In the world of retail beacons are seen as the ‘next big thing’. The question is if it is as good as promised.

Where spotted?
Youtube: Next Big Thing

How does it work?

Beacons work on a new technology called ‘bluetooth low energy’. Beacons send out data streams to bluetooth receivers. Because of this signal, smartphone holders can receive messages created by the retailer. However, customers are only able to receive the messages if they installed a mobile application.

What is its core value?
Making shopping more convenient, fun and easy.

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