Balthazar: Personalize your beauty products

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Personalize your beauty products with Balthazar, the robot of Alpstories




What is it?
Balthazar is a robot made by the startup Alpstories. As part of the Store of the Future in The Hague, Wereldhave has opened a popup-store in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands where you can get beauty products personalized for you by Balthazar. All products that are used are natural and you can even create your own logo. The robot is present until April 17th, 2016.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
You can go online or go to the actual store to see Balthazar in action. First you have to choose what kind of beauty product you want. After that, you can choose from different ingredients, personalize the product to your skin type, add scents etc. You can also fill in a questionnaire to get a formula that is based on your likes and needs. It is also possible to get a skin test at the store to see what kind of skin type you have. At the end you can create your own logo, to finalize the product.

What is its core value?
Real estate investor Westhave feels that increasing ‘the experience’ customers have in his mall is of high importance. Balthazar is a great example of how to do so.

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Watch this video to get an impression of Balthazar:


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