As of september 2013 we, as the crossmedia research group, set out to collect examples that reflect the current state of affairs of innovation in fashion retail. In order to classify all encountered examples of innovations in fashion retail we decided to implement a combination of a typology and taxonomie. Typologies are a product of deductive research. In our case we used the STOF-model as a conceptualisation of business innovation to deduce our top-level categories. Those are: Service, Technology, Organisation and Financial. Next we build a taxonomy. Taxonomies, in contrast to typologies, are derived empirically and are the result of inductive research. We harvest examples from literature, online, real life observeration et cetera, and classify them in different categories as sublevels of the main classficiation scheme of the STOF-model. Current state of affairs is the following taxonomy. See also the blog: Service Innovations.


STOF tabel


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