Augmented reality advertisements

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Do you want to show multiple products in one advertisement, but don’t have the space to do so? Or do you want to offer a new experience for consumers while browsing through advertisements? Augmented reality advertising does just that.


What is it?
As one can gather from the picture, the camera of your phone searches for ‘recognition marks’ to identify the object in the picture. As it does this, it shows the content that is linked to the information on the phone’s screen, such as a shoe collection, or the possibility to see a dress in multiple colours, as a layer over the actual photo.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
Most of the time one needs an app that enables the possibility to recognise the products. From this perspective, the process is the same as with a regular QR-scanner: scan the item and then extra information will appear. The extra information in case of AR-technology contains a ‘pop-up’, one can suddenly see a 3D version of a product, or one can pick different colours for a certain outfit.

What is its core value?
Bringing a new product experience, where companies hope that consumers will start ordering their products as they can experience a 3D version of it. In addition, according to Layar, consumers are 165% more likely to buy a product when it includes an AR marketing component. Although we did not check this percentage nor the assumptions that leads to this conclusion, we can imagine that retailers can be very enthusiastic about this technology.

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To get an impression of how this would work, see the video below:

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