American Apparel’s shopping assistant

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American Apparel lets you use your phone in-store to experience the products that you’ll see hanging there in a new way. Want that sweater in another colour? Just have a look at your phone, and you know what’ll look like.


What is it?
American Apparel created an app that sends you special offerings, product notifications and the ability to buy product through the app. Additionally, it offers an ‘improved augmented reality experience’ in the stores as one is enabled to scan barcodes and images to get access to full outfits, change colour lines, experience additional videos and fashion advice, which – of course – can all be shared with ones friends.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail technologies

How does it work?
The app is available for iPhone users only (which they call ‘exclusively available’). After registering yourself, you get access to services such as in-store scanning, product advice, exclusive deals, Le Club membership and the ability to start shopping in the app. Therefore, the app is both useful both in- and outside the store.

What is its core value?
To offer an extra service to – and get more insights into the behaviour of – their consumers.

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To get an impression of how the app works, see the video below:

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