Albert Heijn Pick-Up Point

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Tired of spending hours in a supermarket, finding the right products? Albert Heijn does it fór you!

What is it?
Another logistic innovation that has become familiar by now is ordering online and collecting instore or at certain pick up points. Albert Heijn gives the opportunity to order your groceries online and collect them for you. The only thing you have to do is to pick up your order at an Albert Heijn service point. As of the moment of writing (May 2014), Albert Heijn has 13 pick-up points spread throughout Holland.

Where spotted?
Albert Heijn Pick-Up Point

How does it work?
1. You order your groceries online. There is no minimum amount that one has to spend, so it’s very easy to start your shopping session. Albert Heijn guarantees the same prices as in store.
2. An employee of Albert Heijn collects all the groceries.
3. If ordered before 12pm, you can pick up your groceries the day after. Albert Heijn staff will also help you putting the groceries in de car.

What is its core value?
Getting more customers to Albert Heijn, especially those with a tight schedule and have no time – or don’t want to spend time – to do the actual shopping. This way, one fresh products are guaranteed and customers can just easily pick up the groceries at a location that suits them best.

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