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A description and critical review is given about the fashion blog afterDRK, written by two students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute: Tamar Huitsing and Kim van der Schoot.

UntitledHer style is one to be jealous of. The Dutch Sabrina Meijer is the mastermind behind the successful blog afterDRK, a site that is checked daily by thousands of fashionistas. If Sabrina wears an item, people directly assess the ‘cool factor’ to it (source).

If you are really interested in fashion you probably know the successful blog afterDRK. This blog is only 5 years old but with 75.000 unique visitors and 450.000 page views per month it is one of the most successful Dutch fashion blogs. If you are not familiar with this blog, we can recommend following afterDRK, especially if you are interested in fashion, lifestyle, photography and want to be up to date with the latest trends and hot-spots.

At first, some facts regarding afterDRK so you know what we are talking about:

*     afterDRK was founded in October 2009 by Sabrina Meijer and she works together with beauty editor Sanne Bolten and stylist Nicole Huisman.
*     Sabrina usually post every two days, sometimes daily.
*     Sabrina use different categories, such as beauty, fashion and others. The subcategories are: editorials, Fashion week, personal, style and wishlist.
*     Net-a-porter is an advertiser on the blog.
*     You can follow afterDRK on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin’, Google+, RSS, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram.

After reading all these facts you really must have been triggered to know more about this successful blog. According to the number of followers you can state that it has a high impact on the fashion scene. Also the positive reaction she receives on her articles indicates that people love her and want to create the same style as she has; they are picking up her style.
This is exactly what she wants; share her style and inspire others. Most of the followers are already fashionable persons, who are looking for some additional inspiration, for those people this blog is exactly what they are looking for!

The visual style can be defined as clean and minimalistic. Less is more (source). The layout of the website consists mostly of white spreads with simple black lines and she uses over-all and detailed pictures. The usage of colours and brightness of the chosen images is very well. The images are in high resolution and the colours are in line with the rest of the layout, all together it creates a clear and clean representation.

Several other well-known websites and major retailers are mentioning afterDRK on their website, examples are Amsterdam Curated, NSMBL, and de Bijenkorf. It’s a good way of promoting her blog in order to reach a wider range of followers.

AfterDRK is also doing some collaboration (for example #mangosummer and Printemps Paris), which provides much more ‘’brand’’ awareness, and eventually could lead to new followers (source). Due to the succes of afterDRK, Sabrina had to hire two more people, namely Sanne Bolten, which is specialized in Beauty, and Nicole Huisman, which supports her with editing (source).

We are not the only one who really appreciate this blog. We can hardly find any negative reviews. All visitors of afterDRK are very satisfied about the content, this can be concluded from of all the positive reactions. It’s original, creative and unique, it offers familiarity for consumers. The blog gives a glimpse into the world of someone with whom the readers can identify themselves. AfterDRK is a blog with high ambitions. The blog’s objective is creating a brand with international allure. Maintaining a blog is more than writing articles; it’s a hard working job to be successful.