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Shopping isn’t always fun. Al these stores, all these clothes, all these people. Trying on the one after the other set of clothes. If you’re not in the mood but do need to shop, there might be another way that you like: 3D fitting.

Source: fullinsight.com

What is it?
In 2012, Tesco launched a web-application that enabled consumers to create a 3D-photo-realistic model by entering body measurements and uploading two photos. After the consumer has created a model, (s)he can start adding clothes and see how the garments fit. This meant that shoppers could ‘try on’ clothing while sitting at home behind their laptops, without having to pay a visit to the actual store.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail technologies

How does it work?
As the video demonstrates, users are firstly invited to upload a photo of their face to create the face of the virtual model. After some small adjustments, such as entering some identification points to calculate face measurements and adding a hairstyle, one can then start creating the body by giving information about height, weight, and hip measurements (or by uploading a body photo). After the consumer created a model, (s)he can start the shopping and fitting process.

What is its core value?
With this feature, Tesco hoped to offer an extra service that would allow consumers to skip long queues and try on clothing via their virtual avatar. However, looking at their website, the application now seems to be removed and replaced by subjects that are more related to fashion advice and trends.

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To get an impression of how the application works, see the video below:

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